316L stainless steel lounger



316L stainless steel lounger

316L stainless steel sun lounger made for swimming pool and spa areas.




8mm 316L stainless steel sides and 316L stainless steel tube.

Suitable for chlorine and mineral pools.

Earthing provisions provided.

The FloLounger is submergible, comfortable, and stylish as well as anti-corrosive and tolerant of chlorine and other harsh chemicals.

Ideal for poolside relaxation, or placed within wading areas, Flolux stainless steel sun loungers won’t float away like plastic loungers have been known to do.

Like handle rails in every city worldwide, The FloLounger doesn’t retain heat due to its mirror-finish reflection and thin tubing, making it safe to use in the midday heat.

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See how the FloLounger looks in-situ.

Matt’s PoolLos Angeles, California

The Ritz CarltonPerth, Australia

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