Flolux fittings are suitable for a range of water environments, including swimming pools, spas, and water features.

Concrete pools

The Flolux range of products was originally designed for concrete pools and spas and continues to offer custom builds at an affordable and sophisticated finish.

With the push-in/slip-fit system on the FloJet, FloAir, FloBubbler and FloAir Control, the range offers an easy and effective installation method both at the time of a build or for retro-fitting a pool or spa after completion.

Fibreglass / Ceramic

The FloJet threaded and the FloSafe Fibreglass are designed specifically for fibreglass pools. The inclusion of these products in the range means the quality and finish offered by Flolux can be an asset for any fibreglass pool, too.

Spas / Jacuzzis

The application to concrete and fibreglass systems ensures the Flolux range of products can be a feature of every spa, whether installed at the time of the build or retro-fitted after completion.

Marine and boating

Manufactured from 316L stainless steel, Flolux fittings are suitable for marine environments including pools and spas onboard watercraft. Flolux fittings are specified into and installed on several international superyachts.

Water Features

The diversity of water features designed by architects and landscape designers, both residential and commercial, and including ponds, waterfalls, fountains and other water passages, has increased the demand for fittings comparable to the quality of the feature. All of the fittings from the Flolux range can be included in these applications to ensure a consistency of quality and finish across the entire build.

Installation Process

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