Long-lasting stainless steel fittings

Designed in Australia and used around the world, Flolux fittings are long-lasting, easy to install, and made to make your pool or spa stand-out against the competition.

With a mirror-finish that complements any high-end concrete or fibreglass pool design, our pool return fittings are the ultimate in quality and finish.

In 316L marine-grade stainless steel, the range is perfect for pools, spas and water features alike.

We manufacture pool return fittings, spa jet fittings, pool and spa suction fittings and more.

40mm (1.5”) Eyeball Return Jet, Push Fit, Self Set
Stainless steel safety suction available in threaded and push-fit.
Stainless steel air diffuser available in standard and control.
Screw Fastened
40 – 50 mm (1.5” – 2”) Floor Inlet, Slip Fit-Glued
Stainless steel eyeball return jet available in threaded and push-fit.
50mm (2″) Eyeball Return Jet, Push Fit, Self Set
Control 25mm (1”) Air Venturi, Push Fit, Self Set
25mm (1”), Dress Ring, Water Spout
50mm (2”) Safety Suction, Push Fit, Self Set
50mm (2”) Safety Suction for Fibreglass Pools, Slip Fit + Locking
316L stainless steel sun lounger made for swimming pool and spa areas.

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